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MERCY Malaysia
Islamic Medical Association of North America
Islamic Medical Association of South Africa
Islamic Medical Association at PCOM



Islamic medicine, edited by Dr. Shahid Athar.
Sex Education, islamic perspective
Health Concerns For BELIEVERS Contemporary Issues
Medical Ethics - An Islamic Perspective
Contemporary Issues in the Practice of Islamic Medicine
Information for Health Care Providers when dealing with a Muslim Patient
Islam and medicine from muslims online
Intersting articles on islam and medicine


The Endocrine and Metabolic effects of Alcoholism
The Joys of Ramadan Fasting
Anger and Dejection - An Islamic Perspective
Islamic Philanthropy: For the love of Allah
other articles
Islam knowledege and science
Turning to god
Islamic Rules for Circumcision
Male circumcision is harmful?
Circumcison and code of ethic
Islam and muslims
Interesting articles
Muslim scientist and scholar
Ramadhan fasting and Diabetes
Study islam online at IIUM
Islamic medical book
Translation of sahih bukhari: book 71-medicine
USC Muslim Students Association Islamic Server
Voice of Islamic scientific